samedi 6 février 2010

Second-hand clothes, Gameboy & Harlequin

Colorful pixels & rainbow tees make me wanna dress like a chameleon. As a platform video game character, i'm running & jumping. No superpower yet but i try hard to solve that jigsaw puzzle.

jeudi 4 février 2010

When a today becomes a yesterday


Where those tomato-red shoes will lead me? With such glossy bows at their back they look like dorothy's fairy pumps walking on the golden road. Who am I in this story? Maybe the cowardly lion or the scarecrow with no brain would suit me better... Don't know but this red cat with dark eyes is a bit scary... As in all good musical movie it always ends in a cheerful dance, this time it's my friend's fingers part. Bright red nails and fluffy gloves !

optic & contrast, this city is filling my eyes with hypnotic black & white. Walking along the streets, as in a labyrinth, i'm an Alice in wonderland (with a bearded chin though) looking for the cheshire cat. No funny rabbit in a rush here, but so many wonders to discover. The straight lines are now slanting and my path is whirling, what will I see around this corner?

Knocking on Antwerp's door, rain drops drops drops & wind blows blows blows... so lets knock knock knock to find a warm place to stay. When a door becomes a table and when freezy fingers relax around a glass of hot chocolate. There's always something nice to meet behind Antwerp's doors.